Unusual signs of spring

I wrote a post last year called signs of spring so in an attempt not to copy myself I came up with this idea while staring at the Thames on Monday.

  1. A black headed gull. This was what sparked my idea and is probably not something that most people notice. In the winter black headed gulls lose the black heads except for one small spot near their eye. As I was staring at the Thames I saw one with its’ black head! Combined with the full length deep-red velvet coat I saw someone wearing (only on Southbank) it made me feel very jolly. I didn’t think to try and take a photo of it so here is one of the sunset from the Southbank Centre instead.IMG_6049.jpg
  2. Catkins. Catkins appear even before leaves and these ones I spotted the other day were so lovely.IMG_6054.jpg
  3. Mud. We’ve had such a cold winter and now that the ground is defrosting there is a lot of mud. This makes claiming steep slopes slightly more interesting – will you fall and cover yourself or not?IMG_6058.jpg
  4. Thinking spring is coming. I can guarantee it eon’t last long but I’m enjoying while the birds are in full song and it’s above 10 degrees…
  5. Flies. As soon as the first fly hits your face you remember how annoying they are but also how gorgeous the sound of buzzing insects in the garden is. I didn’t take a photo of the fly so here is one of snowdrops, a truly usual sign of spring.IMG_6008.jpg
  6. The smell. I love the smell of different seasons and the smell of spring after months of nose numbing cold is (in my best Hugh Grant voice) heavenly.

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