The Realities of Living in This House During the Winter

Ok, so the current house we live in (number 13) is probably one of the warmest ever. House number 12 should have been the warmest because we had underfloor heating in every room but the thermostats kept breaking so the bedrooms were mostly freezing cold. The kitchen in this house is warm around the Aga but if you sit in the window seat then it is a bit draughty. My bedroom is quite warm, especially if you lean against the radiator (which is on!) like I am right now. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have the room above the kitchen which makes it quite a bit warmer. The rest of the house is pretty freezing though. So, for example, when I’m in the sitting room working on the computer (still haven’t replaced the defunct laptop) I wrap myself in a blanket and sit on top of an electric heater.

Another winter activity is taking the dog for muddy walks. Sometimes there’re muddy walks in the summer as well but if it is warm then you can take your flip-flops off and have lots of fun feeling the mud go between your toes. My brother and I took the dog for a walk today. We went to the wood where you have to walk along the road for about two minutes to get there, we used the time wisely though by debating greek myths. We were going to go straight the view to see if we could actually see anything through the mist but there was an over stretched dog walker (dragging one elderly labrador on the end on an extendable lead while most of the others dogs disappeared off in the other direction) so we ran the other way. We went down a little side path that we normally go down to see the bluebells. It has some very good cliffs that the mothership normally speed marches us past and refuses to look down. We tried to take a photo but it just looks flat! The silver birch in the bottom left corner is vertical in real life so the bank is at about ninety degrees. The silvery things you can see at the bottom are the roofs of cars and farm buildings plus a very flooded menage.IMG_2961.JPGWe then went to the view where we couldn’t see anything although we didn’t look round at it until we reached the bench so that we wouldn’t turn to pillars of salt like Lot’s wife… I’m not sure what the fluorescent green speck is, perhaps a sign from an alien spaceship. I actually did a quiz the other day on whether  I would survive on Mars and it said I would which was quite worrying. I can safely say that it will never be put to the test.IMG_2964.jpgWe walked home via the apple orchard which doesn’t look as cool at this time of year as it does in the spring but it’s sill quite pretty. IMG_2965.jpg

I had a clarinet lesson this evening and I’ve got loads of pieces to work on so I can decide which ones to play in a music festival next month. I’ve also got an essay to write (nothing to do with clarinet) which is due on the 25th and I haven’t started yet so I need to get cracking with that.

I did a really nice fishtail flower/seashell hairstyle on my sister earlier. We are running very low on hairpins so we are stockpiling lots of styles for when we’ve managed to buy some more.IMG_2958

We’re having pancakes (optionally cheesy) for supper and then I think we are going to continue our Modern Family quest. My brother is out at tennis but he said he didn’t mind not watching it. I don’t think he’s quite as into American sitcoms as some of us. Greg James and Alice Levine were discussing the LA habit of not laughing at something funny but just saying  ‘oh my god, that’s hilarious’ or ‘that is so funny’ in a really serious tone. I don’t know if it applies to everywhere in the US or even how true it is but I hear it all he time while watching and listening to Americans and we were in fits of hysterics. Last thing I was going to say is we received another Christmas card today. So happy that there are some people less organised than us, although maybe ours didn’t get to people until today either…

One thought on “The Realities of Living in This House During the Winter

  1. Wow- that is so pretty! And you are amazing at hair braiding :). It’s so cool that it gets that cold where you live. I actually live in California in the USA and I assure you that we spend lots of time laughing. And I’ve also been to LA and the people there laugh a lot too. Truth is, we are pretty much normal and don’t do the stuff the actors do haha. I don’t watch that much TV so I don’t even really know what we are thought to do. XD. Like your blog and I had fun reading it !!


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