What I did this week, Y1W33: Suffolk (again)

The Mothership drove my sister and I down to Suffolk on Sunday morning. The Mothership hates driving on motorways so in order to make sure the roads were as empty as possible she made us leave at 5 a.m. This would have been fine except that she made me stay awake as well so that I could check at slip roads and roundabouts for her… The good thing about arriving so early though was that we had the whole day free so we went to Southwold with my grandmother. My sister and I went to Jack Wills to do lots of trying on and no buying then to the beach where everyone except me paddled. I found jellyfish instead.IMG_4863.jpg IMG_4864.jpg

Most of the week was spent playing tennis which was nice because of the weather and the grass courts and the trips to the seafront to walk along the seawall. I never understand signs which say ‘don’t walk along the sea wall’. If it can’t stand people walking along it it’s hardly going to be able to keep the sea out.IMG_4894 (1).jpg

On Saturday we went to Walberswick which was unbelievably windy – like double as windy as you could possible  imagine. My hair had the best time it’s had for years – or maybe the worst time, I’m not sure.IMG_4948.jpgIMG_4940.jpgThere were loads of kite-surfers out who looked like they were having a ball. It made me want to try kite-surfing, though I might wait for a slightly calmer day to start.IMG_4952.jpg

On Sunday I met up with my friend and we went swimming at Dulwich. She did invite me to go and watch the sunrise but with the forecast looking iffy I wan’t keen to get up at 3 a.m. We did go swimming though, it was absolutely freezing but the sea was completely calm so we had no excuse. The sun came out after we’d got out of the water but that was good as we could warm up while trying to build stone towers and take artsy photos. I wasn’t particularly brilliant at either.IMG_4957.jpgIMG_4954 (1).jpg

I slept most of the way home, taking advantage  of only sharing the back seat with milk, plants and copious amounts of venison our friend had given us. I did wake up in time to hear Narek Hakhnazaryan play one of my favourite cello pieces as his encore at the proms, Lamentatio by Giovanni Sollima.

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