What I did on 19 December 2015

Today I got up earlyish to go beating on the estate where we lived in house no.11. It is possibly one of the most useless shoots in the country. The game keeper claims to put down 1000 birds but the fruits of the claim are never realised. A good day would be more than twenty birds. Today the bag was seven pheasants and a pigeon from about a hundred shots. We had eight guns and about ten beaters. It would be nice one day to go beating on a proper shoot where you beat a mile of wood and more than two deer and a fox comes out… The dogs have an absolute ball though, I think they would probably all be disqualified within the first ten seconds of a field trial but the instinct of spaniels and labradors is so strong that even the most uselessly trained dogs will flush and fetch birds.

We finished at about two and came home straight away (rather than stopping off at the local pub) as I had an orchestra rehearsal. My rehearsal was meant to start at two but I arrived at about three thirty. We had two clarinets until five but were down to just me again for the six till nine slot. During the hours break I did some work on my script. I feel like I write that exact phrase a lot, I should try to think of a more exciting way of saying it… I pondered over a print out of my toils.

This is a really short blog if I stop here so I will try and think of some other things which happened today. I found my hat in the pocket of my Barbour which I am very happy about as I had no idea where it was. We had Lancashire hotpot for supper which I love, very nice after nearly five hours playing. I talked to a girl at orchestra who is going into London at 3am tomorrow to be a film extra. Sounds quite fun until the 3am bit! She doesn’t know what the film is about though as they don’t tell the extras. All she know is it’s set in 1819 or something and called Nightingale.

I think I will end this post here as I want to geo to bed. Can’t believe that there are only five more days of blogmas. I might just carry on afterwards and do Januarymas.

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