What I did this week, Y1W8: Music festival

Tuesday was the motherships actual birthday, as opposed to last weekends official one. She received some nice smelling flowers from her parents.IMG_3333.jpg

On Thursday my brother and I took the dog for a walk quite late in the afternoon. I really love it when the days start to get longer again, not leaving the house after dark in the evenings to go to activities makes so much difference. On the way back we climbed on a bollard which is for keeping unwanted visitors out of the farm. It is also very good for looking at the view. It’s not very big so I was trying to take a photos of the view and my brother was trying to get in the way (in that spectacularly annoying way they teach them at brother school) but it resulted in this slightly blurred photo which I rather like.IMG_3381 (1).jpg

I played my first music festival on Saturday evening. I entered three classes but two of them were recital classes so I had five pieces. I was the only entry in two of the classes so I automatically won (as long as I scored 85+) and there was one other entry in one class. The comments were really useful and the concerto class went very well so it was a good evening even though we only got back after nine.IMG_3402.jpg

Sunday is normally tennis tournament day and this week was no exception with a nine o’clock start time. It was raining and two degrees while we were warming up at 8 a.m. and it snowed on the way there. I think it got up to about five degrees by midday but we had finished by then. I won two out of three so that was good and my sister did as well so she was happy. The crosswind on the court was so strong though that I could feel the resistance as I swung my racket. I went to my squad in the evening and I was so exhausted that I kept forgetting the score which am notorious for never ever doing.

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