What I did this week, Y1W37: Solitary tree climbing

I did write this post on Monday but the internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t upload photos and then I just forgot about it until today so here we are.

I had an important audition on Tuesday so I can’t really remember the first couple of days this week. I think the actual audition went ok, you just never know really. It was a good experience anyway and it was at Craxton studios which was an amazing venue. I was so focussed on my audition that I didn’t manage to take any photos but it was literally like stepping back in time. I sort of felt like I was in a Noel Streatfeild book. The decor hadn’t been updated for about 100 years (in a good way) and the actual house was half hidden behind trees and bushes which you had to duck under to get to the front door. The architecture around that area of London is amazing as well. I kind of want to go back just to take photos. We have friends who live there who my sister and the mothership went to visit while I was auditioning so maybe next time we visit them I can do some photography.

It was Saturday before the weather finally decided that it was autumn. Before then it was boiling, nearly 35 degrees on the day of my audition which is not ideal clarinet playing weather with he sweat running down your hands and making your fingers slip off the keys. On Saturday it cooled down though and my sister and I sat inside and played boggle and 3D tictactoe (one of my favourite games ever, and not just because I am very good at it…).IMG_5195.jpg

On Sunday I went tree climbing. I love climbing trees. With friends it is fun but by myself is also fun and the dog always lies at the bottom keeping lookout for anyone who might come and try to chop the tree down when I’m up there or something.IMG_5210.jpg

I also saw this strange natural phenomenon on the same walk. Presumably it’s just a mouldy puffball but the photo came out very well.IMG_5208.jpg


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