What I did on 21 December 2015

My father had the day off from work today as he had a load of holiday left that he hadn’t used. This morning my brother and I went to help out with a holiday group last minute as there were fifteen kids with one coach which could have been interesting. My sister and I also had individual lessons. While my sister had her lesson I went Christmas shopping with the mothership. I found presents for my sister and brother which was good. We also managed to hunt down a chocolate orange for my grandfather. It’s not Christmas for him unless he get a chocolate orange.

We had sausages, carrots, rice and sauce for lunch. Also some very nice chocolate fudge traybake which my sister made yesterday. I think it was from the Mary Berry Aga cookbook but you could make it in a normal oven as well.

This afternoon I worked on my script and finished off a photo album of this year on iPhotos. My father lit the fire which involved lots of indoor wood chopping. We have quite a good fire in this house although it’s quite large. In house no. 12 and house no. 11 we had wood burning stoves which were nice but less pretty as you can’t see the flames. In house no. 7 we had the most useless open fire ever. It took hours to light and would randomly go out thereafter. It does mean that all the fire places we’ve had since then seem very easy to light.

Fires are very good places to play cards in front of. Some of our favourite family card games are canasta, black maria, racing demand, cribbage, etc. Today I played some dead duck (often known my more dubious names) with my father which I won.

This evening I had three hours of orchestra. We had nearly everyone there except the leader who is ill and may or may not be well enough to play tomorrow. The first clarinet hadn’t seen the last movement of the Tchaikovsky which we’re transposing before so I think he’s going to stage an all nighter practicing it…

I had pancakes and apple crumble (not together) for supper.

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