What I did this week: Y1W42: A lot of cake

I did all day babysits on Monday and Tuesday this week which mainly involved cake. Monday’s cake was a Nigella Halloween number. The actual cake came out like a sort of thick pancake and I made the icing wrong so it hadn’t even set by the next day but the seven-year-old boy I was looking after seemed to like it especially after decorating it with sweets that were goodness knows how out of date.IMG_5392.jpgI also made this spectacular elephant-boat-truck-plane. I don’t think you can really appreciate the skill that has gone into the engineering of the creation from this angle.IMG_5394.jpg

Tuesday’s cake was slightly more to my liking. A Victoria sponge liberally decorated with colourful piping by a twelve-year-old with no qualms about adding an entire tube of food colouring to get the desired effect. And when she had decorated every inch of the cake that she could find (without ruining the design on top) there was still enough icing left for a large snack before supper.IMG_5396.jpg

The week got considerably less exciting after that. Wednesday and Thursday were spent trying to get my new GoPro to work, recovering from a cold and watching movies. I saw About Time for the first time and now have a great urge to go and stay in the house in Cornwall where it was filmed. I just need twenty rich friends to come with me…

I planned to write my assignment on Saturday but the world had other ideas as the power was out all day. Instead, I cycled into town with my father, did some target practice and tried to get my GoPro fixed but failed because not many places open at the weekend. In the evening I went to a string quartet concert which was pretty good although I could find lots to critique. Sunday was yesterday but I can’t remember what happened.

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