How to make popcorn

Making popcorn is one of those things which either goes spectacularly well or disastrously wrong without any obvious reason why. However, the one person it always seems to work for is my 12 year old sister who is currently sitting at the kitchen table writing a clarinet concerto. Apparently every good musician should write a concerto or a piece.

This is a direct transcript of what she told me:

You get popcorn out of the packet and you put it in a pan just so it covers the bottom of the pan. You put lots of ghee or butter in it and you put it on the hotter ring on the aga. You stir it around until all the ghee/butter has melted and coated the popcorn and then you put the lid on. Wait for it to start popping. Shake it regularly until stops popping. Then you take it off the heat and eat it. Also, don’t let mum make it.

I hope this is helpful 🙂 My favourite popcorn is toffee popcorn. Last time we made this it was slightly burnt but teamed with Pitch Perfect 2 and Notting Hill back to back plus my amazing friend visiting from uni it was stupendous. Especially since the other thing we made that day was a chocolate brownie pudding which turned out like goo with hot chocolate. OK at 10pm but by the next morning you have decided to not eat chocolate again for a month.

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