What I did this week, Y1W44: One year of blogging!

I didn’t seem to take many photos this week. It has got a lot colder since November’s arrived, although it hasn’t frozen enough yet to kill off the remaining dahlias and sweet peas.IMG_5465.jpg

It was my sister’s birthday on Thursday but we celebrated on Saturday on the usual style of presents and cake.IMG_5482 (1).jpgI made fondant icing for the first time ever to go over the cake. It was very breakable (I didn’t use any gelatine or glucose) hence the patching along the sides.

We didn’t go to any fireworks but instead admired the ones we could from our upstairs windows. There are quite a lot of trees in the way so we mostly just get the odd sparkle through the leaves.

I went to the British Museum on Sunday with some friends and looked at clocks and mummies. I liked the clocks but not the mummies. I have a massive problem with the idea of digging up someones grave and removing their body to place it in a museum halfway across the world. I have a problem with digging up someones grave full stop but placing someones skeleton or mummified body on display seems grossly wrong to me. I mean, that person was a living, breathing, thinking being.

The last thing that happened this week is that it has been year since I wrote my first post on this blog!

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