What I did on 18 December 2015

This morning I did a load of work on my script. While having morning tea my sister, brother and I played throw and catch with a rubber. I also did a stacked fishtail braid on my sister and we got some more Christmas cards this morning, we now have more than the sports centre!

We had lamb, cabbage, spaghetti squash and broccoli for lunch. After lunch I continued working on a film adaption of Apple Bough by Noel Streatfeild, which is one of my favourite books of all time. I think it would probably be easier adapting a book that you don’t like as you’d be much less attached to the story. However, I didn’t like the script for the Ballet Shoes film and so I thought that if I adapted a book that I love then I have control over it. I also started writing a radio play of it a while ago which I might develop.

My sister had a tennis squad at 4:30 so the mothership and I went and continued on out black outfit search. We went into lots of shops which I have never been into before and eventually found a plain black long sleeved top. I don’t really like it but it will do. Finding a black shirt for NYWO is going to be the next challenge…

We went to the hardware store and got some new Christmas tree lights. It’s very exciting that all the bulbs work! We also went to the library where the second Zoë Sugg book that I ordered ages ago had turned up. Apparently there is loads of controversy about whether she actually wrote them of or not. I don’t care either way, they are quite good books and I enjoy reading them.

When we got back I found out that I got distinction in my grade 8 clarinet 🙂 The mothership and my sister are made cheesy muffins for supper. They were actually really nice. They also made some apple ones which were good. We watched episode three of Emma this evening, the dancing is much more wild than in Pride and Prejudice. I’m not sure which I prefer really, the dancing in Emma is defiantly more like going to a ceilidh.


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