What I did this week, Y1W34: Not much happened

I feel like we’re further through the year than 34 weeks but I might be wrong. I guess I’ll find out when I get to the end of the year. Yes, I know I could work it out if I wanted to but I’d prefer the surprise.

On Monday I had my first clarinet lesson for ages which was really good. I hate not having lessons for a while as I start getting paranoid about how my playing is going and what I need to work on. My playing has never normally gets as bad as I think it has, although sometimes it is worse, luckily this time is was the former although there is always so much to improve.

Tuesday’s main excitement was sitting on an ants nest while trying to get this artistic shot of my feet. Luckily they were of the non-biting variety because otherwise that would have been very painful.IMG_4967

By Friday we had so many marrows that there was no more room in the fridge so I took them all outside for some vegetable-art. IMG_4992.jpgThe scale is hard to see here but the ones around the edge are the size of courgettes and the one is the middle is one that evaded being picked for a very long time. A few years ago a Russian friend of the Mothership’s told her that in Russia they grow marrows (which are not just overgrown courgettes but actually a different vegetable) and pick them when they are very small to get the best flavour. She has been doing this rather too successfully ever since, especially this year. She is now eating marrow with everything.

On Saturday I went to Worcester for a friends going-away-to-university barbecue in the (almost) dry. I travelled there and back with some friends on the train which was absolutely hilarious on the way back as we managed to sit at the table opposite the grumpiest man on the train. Every time we spoke he huffed and glared at us over his newspaper. He then twisted as far around in his seat as possible so his back was to us until half an orchestra got on and he was suddenly surrounded by violins and Italians. By this point my friends and I were in silent hysterics which probably made him even more annoyed at us. He spent the rest of the journey with his legs stretched out under the seats opposite him where the slightly bemused orchestra people had to make way.

That was pretty much it for this week. Can’t think of anything else that happened so I’ll just stop writing now and go and find a belt for the shorts I’m wearing.

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