What I did this week, Y1W49: Oh so Christmassy

Monday was a gorgeous day. Talulah and I went for a long walk with the dog and hunted for deer antlers. I think we may have been a bit early as we didn’t find any and I saw that the deer hadn’t actually lost them yet…IMG_5625 (1).jpg

We also ‘made’ latte art. You can be the judge…IMG_5619.jpg


Other than Monday it was a case of fog, fog and more fog this week. I even creatively rewrote the words to Home Thoughts From Abroad… Oh to be in England, Now that December’s here, And whoever wakes in England, Sees some fog and more fog and more fog.

I made a cake for my friends party on Friday. I wanted to make blue writing icing so I tried just stirring red cabbage in to the icing which didn’t really work so I did a bit of boiling as this was the result.IMG_5631.jpgIMG_5633.jpg

I forgot to tell everyone this is how I made the icing so if any of you are reading this then that’s how I made the blue!

The party o Saturday was great, saw people I haven’t seen for months. Then on Sunday we decorated the tree (actually my sister decorated the tree) and I made a wreath.IMG_5663.jpg

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