What I did this week, Y1W45&46: The last of the autumn colours

I didn’t have a terribly exciting time for either of these weeks so I thought I would squash them into one in the hope that I can find enough things to talk about.

First, this photo of a Beech tree which I took for my screen saver. I always have a seasonal photo behind my apps so that I pretend I’m outside when I’m using my phone.IMG_5500 (1).jpg

Next we have another tree but this time in full autumn glory. With all the wind we’ve been having this week I think that was the last of the autumn colours for this year so I’m glad I got this photo.IMG_5505.jpg

The leaves I have arranged oh so artistically here are from a different tree to the one above but I’m sure they’re siblings.IMG_5513.jpg

And that is all I have… Mostly I have been writing an assignment, practicing clarinet, cello and piano plus the odd bit of guitar, playing tennis and working. Plus spending hours on FaceTime on Sunday, catching up with far flung friends.

Here is a random photo to finish with of a whole load of distant IMG_5501.jpgpigeons who the dog and I terrified on a cold walk.IMG_5510 (1).jpg

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