What I did on 15 December 2015

Today I have done a lot of work on an assignment while listening to orchestral pieces that I have played/am going to be playing. This morning we had the chimney swept so we can have a fire without burning the house down. I did some clarinet practice this morning, I managed to find a recording of the third movement of the marimba concerto so I now know how well I need to be able to play my part, especially as people seem unsure whether the person who normally plays first clarinet is actually coming or not…

I did my sister’s hair in a rope braided bun. This is very easy to do but takes a long time and is probably going to take her ages to get out but I will be at orchestra rehearsal 🙂FullSizeRender.jpgApologies for the slightly blurred photo.

We had sausages, sweet potato and lentil spicy stuff and cabbage for lunch. My brother drew a unicycle, tandem and several other things with wheels on my face (with a pencil so that it doesn’t actually show).

It’s the winter solstice here today which means that it get dark at about three thirty. On the good side it means that it’s getting closer to summer every day from tomorrow. Actually its been getting closer to next summer since September but you know what I mean. The second half of winter always seems so much longer than the first half, I’m sure there is an argument to move the seasons a month forward. Summer should be July, August and September and winter should be January, February, March. Actually that means I would have a winter birthday so maybe they can just stay where they are.

I’m going to have to cut this a bit short as our wifi has collapsed (it only works in good weather, right now it is a bit wet) so I am working on 4G.

I had a clarinet lesson then went to a three hour orchestra rehearsal this evening. When I got back I had an omelette for supper and now I am going to bed.

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