What I did this week, Y1W35: Midnight Boris biking

Monday was a bank holiday – cue my father fusing every plug in the house while trying to hang a picture. I did some bedroom rearranging which involved moving every piece of furniture around until I decided that actually all I wanted to move was one bookcase. We also went on a walk past lots of newly ripe blackberries which the Mothership abandoned us for. My sister moaned about this for about a mile and then tried one herself and started doing the exact same thing.IMG_5027.jpg

I went around taking photos of all the dahlias in our garden this week as there are some stunning ones and they are always very photogenic.IMG_5043.jpgIMG_5047.jpgIMG_5052.jpg

On Tuesday my friend came to stay from Wiltshire and On Wednesday we met up with other people from our orchestra and went Go Apeing in Battersea Park. After a lot of hold ups we eventually  got around the course which was very different to the one I did in the Lake District. The crossing are a lot longer in London but the zip wires are a lot shorter. This means that it’s a lot more exhausting on the arms and I was aching for several days afterwards. We did plan on going to the proms in the evening but because of the delays (mainly due to one family ahead of us who kept having people decide that they didn’t want to go any further) we decided not to and instead we went Boris biking. This was so much fun and, though we were mostly on cycle paths, when we did go on the roads I felt a lot safer than I do cycling through my local town.IMG_5070.jpgWe cycled to Buckingham palace in the dark (Boris bikes have pedal powered lights!) and ate mango in front of the Queen Victoria memorial until the police turned up started arresting some guy so we left. We had nearly made it to the end of the end of the Mall when one of my friends realised he’d lost his phone. If it had been light we would probably have been able to see it lying on the ground about 10m from where we had stopped but it was dark so there was lots of panicked calls and logging into each others iCloud before it was located.

My friend left on Thursday which was also the 1st September and summer definitely decided that we’d had our innings. It rained and it blew and we couldn’t turn the Aga on because it needs servicing so we all shivered. Dog walks suddenly involve waterproof coats and jeans (unless you’re slightly balmy like my brother).IMG_5092.jpg

On Sunday I went to the Dudamel prom. I wanted to go to the Berlin Phil prom on Friday as well but I had a two hour clarinet lesson instead which I was definitely in need of with auditions looming. The prom on Sunday was really good though and we managed to get the spot we wanted in the gallery right above the orchestra with a view of the clarinets/flutes/horns/trombones/bassoons to make everyone happy. It was a very long climb up to the top but I could take a classic stairwell photo.IMG_5096.jpg

I’m sad that summer is over but you never know, we might get a late heatwave and the autumn/winter weather in the lead-up to Christmas is the best of the non summer months for me.


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