We are possibly the most snow obsessed family in the country. Looking at the weather forecast and seeing a snowflake is the most exciting thing that happens all winter in our house, my mother chooses our houses a map we have of England’s snow fall. We cheated for a few years and went skiing but after one week in Val d’Isère when everyone was ill we moved to a higher altitude instead.

This morning we maybe got a couple of centimetres, enough to look pretty and to give that gorgeous light but not enough to cover up our very long lawn. It started raining quite quickly as well but not before my sister had managed to make a pretty decent snowman. We have made every size of snowman from miniature ones last year in the half a millimetre that fell to one that must have been nearly 7ft in house no. 9.

IMG_2514Our house at about 9am this morning.

IMG_2521Today’s snowman.

DSCF6869.JPGThe best we could manage last year.

In house no. 7 we made our first igloo. We were inexperienced back then and used sticks to form the supports for the roof. In house no. 9 my father completed his igloo masterpiece, made entirely of snow, big enough for my brother, sister and I and with an entrance tunnel.

The first and foremost thing to do in the snow is, of course, to go sledging. As soon as we move into a new house we start to go on local walks to asses the best sledging hills. In house no. 9 we had enough snow to sledge through the woods which was amazing and put the searing mechanisms or our sledges into good use. In most places though the best hills are in fields or parks.

DSCF2818Walking to the woods in house no. 9.

DSCF5387.JPGSledging in house no. 11.

Snow is also very good for taking picturesque photos of your house and garden.

0254--DSCF0843House no. 7.


House no. 10.

DSCF2837Garden of house no. 9.

DSCF3946Garden of house no. 10.

DSCF4939Garden of house no. 11.

For a few years we went to the horse show at Olympia every Christmas and every time we went it would snow. The most exciting time was in house no. 9 when we nearly didn’t get home but when we did this was waiting for us…


If it starts snowing in the evening we always go out and play in it at night just in case it has melted by the morning. I don’t think it ever has but we do have lots of amusing photos of us in the snow in the dark.

This post seems to have a lot of photos in it but we take a lot of photos of snow! Here is one more to finish, we didn’t consider the fact that when it snows you can barely see our dog when we chose her.


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