What I did this week, Y1W7: The mothership’s birthday

This week was half term in the UK which means that everyone who goes to school gets a week off to go skiing or revise and I don’t do anything different. When I was younger I’m not sure I even knew when half terms were but these days the routine does change a bit. I worked every morning at tennis holiday camps which is always a mixture of hilarity, despair, losing my voice and fun.

Walking the dog on Monday I had to take this photo. It reminds me why I love England.IMG_3242

The mothership was out most of the week at tennis tournaments with my brother and sister so I walked home on Tuesday. It was so sunny and coming out of the deer park in to the woods there is a patch of pine woodland which looked so pretty.IMG_3251.jpg

On Thursday I took the dog for a walk and she went absolutely bonkers running off ahead of me and then waiting at the next gate with a very bored expression. Here she is raring to go at the top of the skipping hill (the hill you have to skip up).IMG_3262.jpg

I had matches on Friday which didn’t go terribly well, all my timing was a bit off. However, my sister and I did manage to convince the mothership that the 19 of February is the day on which one should eat their first mini egg while watching early Friends episodes.

On Sunday we celebrated the motherships birthday. Everyone in our family makes each other cards for birthdays and this is the one I made for the mothership this year. I used quilling and wrapping paper.IMG_3275.jpg

My brother always make stunning, simplistic cards and this was the one he did for the mothership.IMG_3276.jpg

As we move so much we always get fruit trees for presents and we got the mothership a fig and a peach as we have a south facing wall. We then planted them to wear off the pavlova which I made as a birthday cake. I didn’t actually eat any as I don’t like pavlova at all but I quite enjoy making it in my speciality pyramid.IMG_3305.jpg

Another very good thing that happened on Sunday was that I beat my brother at Blokus. We also played Canasta, my sister and I against the mothership and my brother but we didn’t manage to finish the game.

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