What I did this week, Y1W5: Signs of spring

I think I wrote last weeks post before I went to my tennis tournament, it was good, I came third which I was happy about but I had a walkover in my last match which was annoying… at least we got to go home earlier.

On Tuesday I remembered to go and take photos of all the bulbs in the garden. Because this is the first year we have lived in this house I had no idea how many bulbs we had. The entire area we have been clearing out is a carpet of snowdrops which is so pretty. There are also a few daffodils and crocuses but hopefully there’ll be more later.IMG_3184.jpg

Talulah arrived to visit on Tuesday evening which was so nice. We did some cooking, went for a walk, climbed a tree, laughed and chatted a lot and I gave her her first ever tennis lesson. I am teaching her for the physical section of her gold D of E. I also gave her a worthy life experience by saving a pheasant from the weekend to teach her to pluck and gut. I think that if you are prepared to eat meat then you should be prepared to prepare it as well, otherwise it’s pretty much denial about where it came from.IMG_3199

Also on Wednesday we had to turn the Aga off to get it fixed, cue mass cleaning mission. I was designated hooverer of the chimney – there were a lot of cobwebs and pieces of brick that kept falling on me.IMG_3196.jpg

After the success of the steam trains the mothership bought a new puzzle that we started on Wednesday. I finished it on Friday while watching season 2 of Modern Family. The mothership was still laughing the next morning about Claire taking Luke to see a child phycologist because she was so worried about him turning out like his father, I think she sympathised!IMG_3223.jpgThis puzzle was easier than the steam trains but it seemed to get harder and harder the more we did and it took longer.

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