What I did on 24 December 2015

Last day of advent! I got up early (for Christmas Eve) this morning and went last minute Christmas shopping with my sister and grandparents. Well, actually I went shopping by myself and my grandfather went shopping by himself and my grandmother and sister went shopping together fro my sister’s christmas present. I used my debit card for the first time which was very dangerous. I went and got the second half of my sisters present and then went to the one shop in our town which has clothes I like in. I got a really nice cable knit jumper which I’d been wanting for ages and a checked shirt with little bits of gold in it. The sign in the dressing room which said ‘CCTV in operation’ freaked me out a bit until I realised that I was only trying of things which went over my t-shirt anyway. I then went and found a present for the mothership. I went and found my grandmother and sister before I went bankrupt. They had been trawling around town with my grandmother trying to convince my sister to buy every other item and my sister dragging her away from lots of things she didn’t want. They eventually decided on buying some hair accessories at which point I went and found my grandfather reading the King William Quiz in the car and got him to drive to pick them up.

We got home and I did a trying on session of my purchases which were approved of. I then did my sisters hair, a sort of four strand plait with ribbon headband with a double bow on the side (very hard to explain and I didn’t take a photo).

Some family friends of ours came to visit with their little cousin for morning tea. We went on a very muddy walk and had soup for lunch. We then lent our old clarinet to our friend who is just starting and is currently renting one from school. They asked me to play so I played Lutoslawski and Mozart. We played a couple of round of Kings and Queens (card game which probably has lots of other names) before they left.

This evening we watched Grease and ate bagels which my brother made earlier with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Then we had the annual debate about a) who gets which stocking (we use our fathers old rugby socks and any other large socks he has lying around) and b) what time we should get up to open them. I managed to argue it to six a.m. but no later.

I am writing this while trying to google answers to the King William Quiz for my grandfather. Apparently one section is all teas on the basis of Peter Rabbit being given chamomile tea by his mother. Another section is dances which is making my grandmother do lots of spontaneous singing to songs which she doesn’t know the words to.

Anyway, I need to go to bed otherwise Father Christmas won’t come, or so we were told when we were little although my brother persists that he stayed awake all night one year. I don’t think there is any escaping the excitement of Christmas, just the sound of sellotape sticking people’s fingers together and your grandfather commenting on how in his day they had chicken for Christmas because it was such a treat is enough to make anyone feel festive. I hope you have a good day. Happy Christmas and in the words of our friends in Barcelona ‘Get fat. It’s an order.’ 🎄


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