What I did this week, Y1W21&22: Half-term in Cornwall

I was going to be really organised and download photos onto the laptop and write a post for week 21 while on holiday but life (i.e. packing) got in the way. I am now writing this while trying to download 400 photos off my fathers phone onto the computer. How do you even store that many photos on your phone? I can only take about 50 before having to delete them to make room for new ones. It probably doesn’t help that two thirds of my storage is taken up by music…

In the my usual fashion I now can’t remember what happened the week before last. My brother started taking his IGCSEs which I think went wellish. He definitely has his favourite subjects. The only photo I seem to have taken of that week is this very shadowy one of my brother trying to smell our neighbours lilac.IMG_3926.jpg

We went to Cornwall for half term. (As I was writing that I noticed that Cornwall is literally corn wall, well I never.) Every year lots of families and coaches from our tennis club go down to the tournament in Newquay and it’s always a fun week. I made over half of the 7:30 a.m. warm-ups which I think is a pretty good achievement. The matches had their ups and downs but everyone ended up with some silverware (which isn’t silver at all).

On the way there we stopped off at our favourite Devon wood to go for a pit-stop climb to the ancient fort on top. We also walked down to the river which we haven’t done before and we all vowed to go back there and go swimming one day.IMG_3967.jpg

The best thing about Newquay is the beaches. They are especially nice when the weather is as good as it was this half-term. We were definitely in the right part of the country and Europe if the rain at Roland Garros was anything to go by.IMG_4095.jpg

I didn’t go in the sea, it has to be at least twenty-five degrees for that but we did do lots of paddling.IMG_3972.jpg

We stayed in an apartment overlooking a golf course which provided hours of entertainment. Occasionally there was someone good which is a bit boring but mostly the balls went in completely the wrong direction which was very funny. None of us play golf so we would probably be worse than the worst of them (although does being good at tennis help with golf?) but it didn’t stop us giving some expert advice from behind the window.

The sunsets from out apartment every evening were amazing but I didn’t manage to get a photo without lots of lampposts. I don’t know, maybe the lampposts add something?IMG_4062.jpg

My father and brother went deep sea fishing on Saturday. The caught lots of sharks but no edible fish. Presumably the sharks had eaten all the edible fish. They also saw dolphins and this seal. I love the eyebrows!IMG_1461.jpg

We took lots of detours to avoid traffic on the way home. Despite cutting nearly two hours off out journey time we still didn’t get home until early Saturday morning. I celebrated being home by managing to lean back against the fridge door while eating supper, put my head under the water dispenser and get very wet hair.

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