What I did this week, Y2W1: 24h in Wiltshire

Most of this week was spent visiting my friend in Wiltshire. She left for Borneo for three months on the 12th so it was my last chance to see her before April, which doesn’t seem that far away but is apparently three months. I managed to get sunset train rides both ways which was beautiful but impossible to take photos of without reflections. Maybe the reflections add something to the photograph though.IMG_5810 (1).jpg

I didn’t take many photos while I was there. We did a tour of the area giving back things my friend had borrowed from people. We also tested the underwater filming on my GoPro in Lacock  ford, visited the playground, got out all her Playmobil and played a board game based on how well you know each other with her family. I very nearly won – given I’d only met them earlier that day I think it shows the power of statistically passing your answers off everyone else’s!

The rest of the week was filled up with dog walks and frozen grapes. I had a dream where I froze grapes and they were really good so I tried it and discovered that I have very good ideas in my dreams.IMG_0352.jpgimg_5817

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