My Fantasy 2017

Laura Craik writes a great column/page every week in the Evening Standard Magazine called Upfront and this week she wrote about her ‘Fantasy 2017’. Her’s included meeting a unicorn and scientists inventing a Feel-good Fume to help tax avoiders see the wrong in their ways. I thought I would write my own so here it is.

My fantasy 2017 would start off with snow. Lots of snow. The sort of snow we had five years ago when the whole country shut down and everyone got bored of tobogganing. The sort of snow which makes everyone go crazy and talk to their neighbours. Lots and lots of snow.

Next I would like nobody to die through war or hatred. I know this sounds like such a cliché  and possibly as if I am in an American beauty pageant but it would be wonderful.

My third fantasy is to inherit a large castle/mansion/small island that I can go and live on and hold wild camping parties on the private beach. Did I mention it had a private beach?

Fourth I would like every country in the world to strive towards becoming carbon neutral. I know that for a lot of countries it will take many years but if every country tried their hardest then it would make a world (no pun intended) of difference. Of course for this to happen then every person in every country need to do their upmost to help as well.

Fifth is for Prince Harry to get married so we can have a national holiday. Actually, do we get a holiday for the spare?

Number six is for all shops to keep their prices the same but permanently have a 60% discount. If everyone did it then none of the shops would feel hard done by and everyone would be happy.

And finally I would like ABBA to have a reunion tour. Maybe with Meryl Streep doing a guest spot for The Winner Takes it All.

That is my fantasy 2017. I you are reading this and have a blog and decide to follow suit I’d love to read it if you leave your link in the comments. Or you could just write your fantasy in the comments.

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