What I did on 17 December 2015

Nearly just wrote 2017 in the title for this post – I am years ahead!

I got up so late this morning and had goodness knows what for breakfast. I had a cello lesson so I did some practice before I went. I got my last piece for grade five which is exciting. It’s really nice but I think it’s meant to go quite fast in the end… I can only play it at about half speed at the moment.

The mothership and I went into town to see if we could find a full length black skirt. This was one of the hardest things I have done all year. If a shop started selling full length black skirts they would make a fortune as no one does them. Actually they probably wouldn’t make a fortune as who in their right mind would buy one except people like me who have concert dress codes. Anyway, we found one in the end in Cancer Research (charity shop). It is size 14 and made of sort of fake velvet but it is black and it goes pretty much down to my feet… Lots of taking in required over the weekend!

I hit with my sister (tennis, not abuse) for half an hour then we came home and had sausages with pasta and sauce for lunch. The tin of tomatoes freaked the mothership out as they had basil in them for some reason and when she opened them she didn’t realise that the green bits weren’t an exciting form of mould.

This afternoon I did a load of work on my script, I now have a first draft of all the dialog, and I did some clarinet practice.

I had another three hour orchestra rehearsal this evening. It was a sectional which was good as I could really get to grips with he last movement of the Tchaikovsky which is the one I have to transpose from C. I’m also starting to get to know some people which is nice. I think on residential orchestral courses you get to know people much quicker as you are sharing rooms and often there are ‘getting to know you’ games and stuff. In local orchestras it is harder because lots of people know each other already and stuff but everyone seems really nice so that’s good.

A sad fact that I noticed today was that the school sports centre where we play tennis has more Christmas cards than we do 😦 We used to get so many Christmas cards but I think there comes an age where people have to much going on that they don’t have time to send any. Then as they get older and their children (me) leave home they have time again. This is why grandparent always have hundreds. Another thing which Talulah told me is that when you are in primary school everyone gives everyone cards so you get about thirty per child. I’ve never been to school I don’t know if this is true or not but it would mean that you had a lot of cards.

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