Things I did this week, Y1W3

I meant to post this on Sunday but I didn’t so I’m posting it today. My plan is to do a ‘things I did this week’ post every Sunday from now on.

On Tuesday I got my guitar out and discovered I could still play the two songs I had previously learnt, Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and Somebody to You by The Vamps. I also discovered (by looking it up online, not through my imagination which would have probably been a better way) that you can make a capo out of a stick (or pen) and some elastic bands (or hairbands).IMG_3090With this excellent bit of handiwork I can now play Blank Space by Taylor Swift. I really want to learn how to play Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane, I might go and look it up after I’ve finished writing this.

On Wednesday my sister and I took the dog for a walk and it was really frozen and pretty. We found this footprint which was sort of hollow underneath.IMG_3095We also noticed this tree which we’ve been walking past for years (nearly) and never realised how gnarled it was. I’m not sure the photo really does it justice.IMG_3094.jpg

On Thursday, while walking the dog, I found some remnants of the weekends snow. Not enough even to make the teeniest snowman, not that I actually tried, but still better than no snow. I am very jealous of everyone on the East coast of the US at the moment ❄️❄️❄️IMG_3109

Friday squad at tennis was hilarious because the coaches had collectedly decided to keep a Bieber count. They were working from 8:30am until 9pm and they were counting how many times Justin Bieber was played on the radio. They have no control over what station is on in the tennis hall, it’s just whatever is on in the gym upstairs and they can either listen to it or turn the volume all the way down to mute. I think they are very bored of Justin Bieber! I went in from 5:30 – 7 and when I left this was the tally.IMG_3110When the last coach left at 9pm it had gone up to 28. That is a lot of Justin Bieber in one day even for someone who likes Justin Bieber, a category that I’m pretty sure none of the coaches fit into.

On Saturday my grandparents arrived to stay the weekend and we did this 1000 piece puzzle.IMG_3125.jpgIt took us 24 hours from lunchtime on Saturday until lunchtime of Sunday, the rails and smoke took a lot of patience.

On Sunday we also pulled down a spruce tree in our garden in the very overgrown area we are trying to clear out.IMG_3119.jpgMy sister, father and I pulled it over although my sister let go and ran away as soon as it started to give, leaving my father and I trying to swing it around so that it didn’t land on the shrub, which it did anyway!

And that was the end of my week. I will try to post this weeks rundown on Sunday so I can hopefully remember a few more details, a week is a long time ago for day to day memories.

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