What I did on 22 December 2015

This morning I did loads of work on my script. I really want to get it pretty much finished before Christmas and my grandparents are arriving tomorrow so I really need to crack on.

For lunch we had chickpea pizzas which are really nice. The first time the mothership made them she put loads of herbs with the chickpeas in the basses which made them taste less like pizza and more like random herby things. After that though she has just made them plain and they are really good.

I had orchestra rehearsals all afternoon and then the whole orchestra went out for pizza. I haven’t had pizza for so long and today I had it twice 🙂 We completely filled a private side room plus some extra chairs at the ends of the tables. I had salami pizza which was probably the second most popular after margarita. The more unusual choices were a cheese and ham pizza with no tomato or cheese, so basically just a pizza base with ham on it. Sort of an open ham sandwich I suppose. One of my friends had a salad instead which was massive.

After the pizza we all made our way back to the church where we were performing, getting very wet in the process. It did mean my hair stayed very ringlety though which was good. It’s very easy to get perfect ringlets in my hair, all you have to do is drench it in water.

My outfit wasn’t too awful in the end. One girl had to borrow a skirt (it was very nice actually) because she was wearing black leggings which weren’t allowed. I also discovered that today is the winter solstice, I don’t know why I thought it was last Tuesday!

The concert went pretty well. The Sibelius and Sarmientos in the first half went really well. The Tchaikovsky also went well but I made a few (probably inaudible unless you were me) errors that I was annoyed about.

My father and sister thought that the interval was the end until my brother pointed out that there was another piece. My sister read her book through most of the concert until she got to a particularly funny bit when she stopped because she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to hold in her giggles. My brother spent the whole concert string at me as if I was the end of the world. I caught his eye at one point when I wasn’t playing and started having to suppress my laughter so I made sure not to look again. My father made enemies with the woman in front of him by saying ‘no encore, no encore’ at the end.

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