What I did this week, Y1W47: I passed my driving test!

Tuesday was a very exciting day as I had my driving test and I passed! No idea how I did it, the examiner was in a very lenient mood I think. At least I didn’t forget to put the hand break on and roll backwards into the examiners car like my grandmother or forget the hand signals for left and right like my grandfather…

It also rained a lot at the beginning of the week so I went to see if my brothers waterfall was still there – it was. I know it’s very small but it so lovely to hear the sound of trickling water so thanks lil bro, not that you actually read this blog but hey ho.IMG_5523.jpg

In between writing an enormous essay on the soundtrack to Close Encounters of the Third Kind (not exactly my preferred watching) I made good use of the wind by sticking a bubble mixture stick out of my bedroom window and letting it blow bubbles for me.IMG_5574.jpg

The fog really decided to set in on Saturday and I managed to free up enough space on my phone to take one photo of it before work.IMG_5581.jpg

It wasn’t foggy at all by the time I went into London. I went to the Natural History Museum with a friend and we looked at dinosaurs and spent and long time going around in circles looking for the earthquake. I also said goodbye to the diplodocus in the main hall, I don’t know how I feel about getting rid of it. It’ll be very odd.IMG_5585.jpgI only have photos of the outside of the museum because I ran out of storage. Also, I tried to find the dressed up fleas that they used to have there but they must have removed them as they were nowhere to be seen.

I watched people going round the ice rink and admired the Christmas lights as I left. It all felt very wintery.IMG_5587.jpg

My friend came and stayed for the weekend. We didn’t do much, just went on walks and sat around chatting. It got really cold so inside watching movies was the best place to be. We watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 which is my joint favourite film of all time with Notting Hill.

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