What I did this week, Y1W13,14&15: Catching up

So I am two weeks and three days behind with these posts so I’m just going to squash three weeks into one post.

Week 13 I was at an orchestra course in Oxfordshire. The music, people, concerts, pretty much everything about it was amazing. I don’t have too many photos but here is a very cool tree which we took a lot of group photos on.IMG_3654The middle of the main trunk was hollow so it was also possible to crawl inside which I proved… twice.

The other thing that happened while I was there was that I turned 18! Whoooop! Definitely the case that as soon as you become an adult you instantly feel more like a child.

My grandparents came to my final concert and then we stayed with their friend overnight before catching the train the next day. I’m only telling you this because we went to a restaurant in the evening which had the most hilarious map on the wall. Apologies for the poor quality photo but look at the size of the UK here, oh, sorry, we are totally the same size as the rest of Europe put together…IMG_3679

Week 14 I spent staying with my great uncle and aunt with the mothership and my sister in Hampshire. We played a tennis tournament and my aunt tried to teach us to whistle on a comb. Minor problem – she could only do it herself about five percent of the time. She also told us all about working in a sausage factory, needless to say she is now vegetarian.

Week 15 I came home! Lots had happened in my absence.

-The mothership did a spring clean on the house and an entire bed disappeared from our landing.

-My father planted masses of seeds in the utility room and is now very annoyed because they are growing too fast.IMG_3718

-We discovered there is a massive magnolia tree in out garden (this is why you should move house regularly).IMG_3708

– The bluebells have started to come out!IMG_3733

Talulah came to visit at the weekend and we made rag rugs. This involved a lot of plaiting on Saturday evening, I think the finished rugs will use about fifty metres of rope each and they aren’t that big. They also used a lot of material (two old sheets, the ends of several rolls of fabric and a pair of jeans and some t-shirts) and are going to take a very long time to sew together…IMG_3757

On Saturday evening we watched The Intern which is one of the best films I have ever seen, I loved to so much. We celebrated my brother’s 16th birthday on Sunday which was only one day late, pretty good going in this family where I am twenty two days late celebrating mine and counting…

Lastly, I got a merit in my grade five cello which I took last month. I’m pretty happy about this and particularly about the sight-reading score, 17/21 when I would have given myself about 3.

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