What I did on 12 December 2015


Today my sister opened day 11 of our advent calendar because yesterday she opened day 12. This morning was a bit of a disaster trying to get people out the house. Somehow my brother and I managed to get to work on time and as it was the last week of term we played ‘Christmas open gate (cross the river/British bulldog/any other name it might be called)’ e.g. ‘anybody who want it to snow this Christmas go’ or ‘if you think reindeer like carrots go’.

After work I went to my cello lesson. The same boy has had a piano lesson before me every week since I started cello over a year ago and I don’t think  he has improved at all! He seems to spend his whole time going around Eton and Tonbridge on open days rather than practicing his grade 1 scales.

When I got home I was put in charge of lunch (not a good idea) while the others were out at tennis and shopping. I remembered to put the frozen sausages in the simmering drawer for half an hour to warm up then transfer them to the roasting oven and put the potatoes on to boil. I remembered to put the carrots and cauliflower on then add shallot and coriander to the cauliflower and then add butter and garlic. When the others got home I was so proud that I had remembered everything but, alas, I hadn’t remembered the sausages… They were VERY burnt. According to my sister the cauliflower tasted like petrol as well. Apparently you are meant to chop the garlic, not grate it, and put a lid over it while you cook it. Well how was I supposed to know?

After lunch my sister and I used the newly arrived glue sticks to finish off making the Christmas cards. We then went on a dog walk where we attempted to teach our father the version of The Twelve Days of Christmas we made up with Talulah. My burn blister burst today 🙂 It didn’t actually hurt at all (not sure why it would but people seemed to think it would).

We had some wood delivered this evening and I started making a beaded Christmas tree decoration. I didn’t have time to finish it before supper (lamb, swede mash and cabbage from a recipe box, so nice even though I don’t normally like swede) but here is a very bad photo of it half finished.


We watched Sweet Home Alabama this evening which is one of my favourite films although my sister and I alway have a debate about whether she married the right guy or not.

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