What I did on 9 December 2015

Carlos Acosta was amazing last night! My friend and I arrived at the London Coliseum just as the curtain went up so we missed the first two minutes but the rest was really good and seeing all the different solos and pas de deux etc. was great as we could decide whether we wanted to go and see the whole ballet. The only problem was that we didn’t buy a program so we were never quite sure who or what we were seeing!

Today I was surprising un-tired given that we got home at 10:30 then watched the end of the first Bridget Jones film with my parents. I had cornflakes for breakfast then we started making a gingerbread house. My friend had never made one before so we inducted her into the gingerbread house hall of fame.

While we were letting it all stick together we went on a dog walk while inventing a personalised version of the twelve days of Christmas with the punchline of an iPhone on a Christmas tree. We all invented different lines, one of mine was 10 VW camper vans, one of my friends’ was 9 roast potatoes, one of my brothers was 7 acres of woodland, one of my sisters was 8 Shetland ponies and one of the motherships was 12 paper warthogs (don’t ask)!

When we got back we decorated the gingerbread house. My brother and mother made a gluten free one to decorate half of each. We are planning to give most of the gluten one to my friend to take back to uni with her so we can make another one at Christmas without feeling completely gingerbread housed out!

IMG_2616.JPGMy sister and my friend decorated this side and the walls. I was responsible for the wonky chimney!

IMG_2617.JPGI decorated this side.

FullSizeRender.jpgThe gluten free version with my brothers ‘I don’t eat sweets, only chocolate’ side and the motherships ‘I love jelly snakes’ side.

After lunch (risotto) we went out for clarinet lessons and I gave my friend Crow Mountain by Laura Inglis to read. It is such a good book that you shouldn’t start it unless you have a free day ahead of you to finish it!

I am making chilli and wraps for supper – hopefully I won’t do myself any more injuries…

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