What I did this week, Y1W18: Orange door

The week got off to an exciting start on Tuesday when the siren on our oil tank went off at 7am. This helpfully coincided with a tractor driving past causing The Mothership to run into my bedroom, take my iPhone, charge downstairs, grab her car keys and announce that she was going after them. Luckily she checked the tank first and discovered that it was a false alarm.

On Thursday my sister painted my door orange. I say she painted it… She sandpapered it and did the first coat with more paint going on the door frame and carpet than the door. I then spent about an hour scrubbing at all the splats with white spirit and then did the second coat myself. Anyway, it looks amazing 🙂 IMG_3883

I drove on the A21 for the first time on Friday. I quite enjoy driving until there is a junction where I have to stop… The weather got warmer and warmer all week until it hit about 28C on Sunday. I put the hammock up (twice, before and after my sister sat on it and the very old bit of rope I had initially used snapped), my father did copious amounts of gardening and the dog got very hot and bothered, i.e. started barking at imaginary intruders.IMG_3876.jpg

I did a bit of drystone wall fixing on Sunday. Here are the before and after photos. I seemed to use one less rock than whoever originally built it…IMG_3873.jpgIMG_3874.jpg

I also played two tennis tournaments over the weekend because The Mothership forgot to withdraw me. Ironically they were both indoors and the one on Sunday was particularly stressful as we managed to take the house keys with us, leaving The Mothership and my sister stranded. Cue a two hour round trip for my father to go and give them to her.

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