What I did on 1 December 2015

So I discovered yesterday that vlogmas is a thing and so presumably blogmas is too… Although I think it should be called blogvent, maybe it is, I don’t know. Anyway, I’m going to try and do a post each day about what I did that day or the previous day in this case as I forgot that I was going to do it yesterday. Hopefully I can still remember what happened.

On the 1 December we opened out first advent calendar pocket. My younger brother and sister and I used to argue so much about who got to open the first pocket and who had opened it the last two years so who’s turn it was this year. However, in our old age, my brother and I have nominated my sister to open every single pocket which puts her in a very good mood every morning.


This is our advent calendar which we fill every year. We made the pockets in house no. 7 and the notice board was painted by my brother in house no. 4 (his house no. 3). A lot of the pockets have been lost and replaced over the years. This year my sister had an emergency number 11 making session. For many years it was filled with Playmobil of which we have a vast collection but for the last few years we have opted for chocolate.

I had a fried egg for breakfast (what I have when I’m not hungry), minuscule alphabet pasta with pesto for lunch and pork and apple with rice and cabbage for supper. We got the pasta online and didn’t realise that each letter was going to be about a quarter a centimetre across…

I did some work on a script I am writing for an assignment and did some music practice and my sister’s hair. Tuesdays are one of the few days when she doesn’t play tennis so she can have her hair up.


There are some twists on top which you can’t see. Also admire the large damp patch in the corner of my room from a roof leak 🙂

I coached tennis from 4.15 – 6.30 then I came home and did some more clarinet practice. We also discovered from the computer shop that out laptop is completely defunct so we perused new ones online for a while.

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