What I did on 10 December 2015

I have just got back from tennis which was the wettest and coldest I have been in a long time. I got straight in the shower but my hands are still slightly numb. This is not helped by the fact that a) I can’t really hit backhands at the moment due to the bandaging around my burn so my left hand does even less that normal and b) despite the plumber spending about 10 hours replacing every single part, our boiler is still broken. We don’t turn the central heating on much as a rule, especially as we have an Aga in this house, but an hour when it is wet and miserable would be nice.

This morning we made Christmas cards. My friend had a cold so her methods of resistance were down resulting in her helping us! We stuck the material on to about 30 with the end of some very old PVA which we bought through the county supplies catalog in house no. 7. I loved the county supplies catalog so much, the home ed community in the town we lived in houses 6 and 7 had one and when it came to our turn to decide what we wanted to order I used to stay up all night making list of the things I wanted. Anyway, I have seriously deviated… We only had enough ribbon and glue gun sticks to finish off about 10 or 15 of the cards so we are waiting on an internet order for some more as our local stationary shop doesn’t sell cool melt glue gun sticks any more 😖

IMG_2632.JPGFour of the finished cards. On the other side of the tags it says ‘only changing one word of our address’. I’m pretty sure people wait for our Christmas card in dread every year to see where we have moved to next. Several people have complained that we are the sole reason they have had to get a new address book…

We had this really nice spicy pepper, aubergine and chicken thing with couscous for lunch from a Riverford recipe box. I love recipe boxes so much 😛

After lunch my sister, my brother and my friend (who I’ve just remembered decided last night, while we were watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ❤️, wants to be known as Talulah on this blog…) did quizzes. The sort where you write down everyones names and then think of questions you have to answer for each person. The mothership was very good at thinking up questions, the masterpiece was ‘what is your ideal holiday and which three people would you take?’ Talulah decided on taking me, her sister and her sister’s Russian teacher to Russia and I thought taking Talulah, another friend and a girl I know who plays guitar and sings amazingly on a road trip in a VW camper van around the US or New Zealand would be fun.

We dropped Talulah at the station before tennis and this evening we had cheese soufflé and sausages for supper. We stayed up really late last night reading my old spy diary (so hilarious) and chatting so I am quite tired now but I just want to say thank you for all the likes and follows. I get so excited looking at the map of where people have viewed this blog. Countries where I don’t know anyone are particularly exciting as then I know it’s not just my grandmother!

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