What I did this week, Y1W20: New things

Tuesday is too late to write my weekly blogs. A) because I ideally want to write them on a Sunday and B) because I now can’t remember what happened last week except by looking at photos and since the first photo I took last week is on Thursday that is where I’ll have to start.

Actually one exciting thing did happen on Tuesday – my final assignment of this years Open University module was due so I am now free for the summer 😀IMG_3893.jpg

On Thursday my sister, brother and I had a Boggle session. My brother always beats me at Boggle, Scabble, Upword, etc. but this time I was winning…. Until the last couple of rounds.IMG_3903.jpgI hope you appreciate The Mothership’s yoga book in the background. I can’t count the number of times we have gone through it trying to imitate the drawings down to the finest detail.

My brother and I walked the dog on Thursday and although all the bluebells have now died the leaves have now come out.IMG_3931.jpg

Saturday was a good day. I managed to get some Converse for the summer and a guitar capo so that I don’t have to use a felt tip and hairbands any more. Actually this week was a very ‘purchasing new things’ kind of week. We finally got a record player after carrying around two boxes of records for eight houses (our record player was stolen moving back from Auckland). The last time I can remember listening to records was in house no. 4 when I was four. We have some fantastic classical recordings as well as lots of Beatles (it’s mostly my grandfathers old collection)  I also bought myself a polaroid camera which I have been wanting for ages.IMG_3944.jpg

Having listened to Jacqueline Du Pré for the entire time while writing this (not on record) I am now feeling very inspired so I’m going to go and do some cello practice.

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