What I did on 7 December 2015

Monday mornings are always so much more enjoyable when it’s grey and rainy 😦 This was my excuse for why I got up so late anyway… I had muesli for breakfast then I spent most of the morning figuring out some orchestral music. I do love it when a composer writes 89 bars rest (Sibelius 😖) or 7 pages for clarinet in C with a gazillion accidentals which I have to transpose (Tchaikovsky 😫). They are both very nice pieces other that that though 😄. I seem to be in a very sarcastic and emojiy mood today, I hope that they come out as I’m writing this on my phone and I’m not sure if they will transfer for everyone to read…

I did my sister’s hair before lunch (two French plaits with woven plaits at the back), I do my sister’s hair a lot as she likes having it done and I enjoy doing it. It doesn’t work the other way though. She is always desperate to do my hair but I can’t stand someone else doing my hair. I hate the sound of hairs snapping and I have no control over what it looks like!

We had pasta with pumpkin soup sauce for lunch and then we went out to tennis. While we were waiting for my brother and sister’s lessons the mothership and I used up most of my 4G researching going to New Zealand next autumn to play ITFs/go back to New Zealand. We were discussing holidays in great detail yesterday and everyone felt it was time we went on a big holiday. My sister has written two lists recently for her writing projects, one on the ten reasons she wants to go to the USA and the other on the ten reasons she doesn’t want to go to another British island. We have been to a lot of British islands, fuelled by the motherships never ending obsession with all things small. Small biscuits, small plates, small houses, small furniture, small islands, small everything you can think of. It isn’t really appropriate that three out of the five of us (not her) are over 6ft…

I didn’t work this evening as numbers drop off a lot in the run up to Christmas. Instead I sat in the car and listened to Radio 1. Oh my goodness the little girl on Father Christmas star caller was soooooooooooo cute!!!

I think we are having waffles for supper which we haven’t had for ages, not sure why. We also have the last episode of Pride and Prejudice to watch.


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