What I did this week, Y1W36: Edible or not?

Monday was my brother’s first day of school. Having your first day of school at sixteen is definitely going to be very different to having your first day when you are four. I think he enjoyed it but trying to get my brother to tell you anything is a bit like trying to get our internet to stay connected for longer than an hour – impossible. Having my brother at school for lunch means that we can be a lot more inventive with our cooking, apart form a shared worship of cottage pie, my brother and I have pretty much polar opposite food preferences. He will only eat things that are completely plain, no sauces, dressings, spice, etc. I hate plain food and love sauces, curry, basically any Asian or South American food which involves chilli or ginger, you get the picture.IMG_5106.jpg

Our road was closed at the beginning of the week. They didn’t warn us of this ahead of time so the Mothership found out when she had to negotiate her way to our house on Monday. Less traffic made is easier to walk down the road to take the dog on a different walk past these horses which the Mothership thought had escaped until I pointed out the fence…IMG_5109.jpg

Walking the dog on Wednesday evening the light was beautiful. Like a summer evening but with a slight wintery hint starting to creep in.IMG_5115.jpgIMG_5124.jpg

All my study books for next year arrived on Thursday. It’s crazy to think that next May I will take my final exams to get my degree. I don’t officially start until October but I will try and get a head start as it always makes the run up to Christmas more relaxing.IMG_5129.jpg

I worked a lot this weekend as all the tennis had just gone back and it was pretty chaotic with lots of people turning up at the wrong times but hopefully it will all be sorted out by next week. The plan this year is for no one in my family to have any work or activities on a Saturday or Sunday but I’m not sure if it’s going to work out or not. This weekend my parents went to a party on Saturday evening so my brother and I banished my sister to different room and watched The Big Wedding. She wasn’t too miffed though because she watched What A Girl Wants on the laptop and we made naan bread for supper.IMG_5152.jpg

My sister spent most of this week running away from daddy-longlegs or persuading the rest of us to catch them for her so she could come out of the bathroom/go up the stairs. I spent most of the week perfecting clarinet pieces for auditions and walking the dog while admiring the mushroom crop sprouting in our local woods.IMG_5119.jpgimg_5130I have no idea if they are edible or not and I’m not about to start a trial and error experiment.

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