What I did this week, Y1W19: Childhood fears

So the weather decided that it had given us enough heat for one year and everyone should get out their coats and scarves again this week, which we did. However, it didn’t stop all the blossom coming out and even the first clematis flowers. This was one of the ones that the mothership rescued from next door after they mowed them to the ground after we moved out.IMG_3891.jpg

My final assignment for my Open University module is due on Tuesday so most of this week was spent doing that. On Thursday my sister went away to County Cup finals – cue us watching more films which she doesn’t like. We watched Just My Luck because apparently it’s very scary plus some iPlayer stuff – got to make the most of it before they bring in the TV licence rule…

On Friday I had a driving lesson where I did parallel parking and three point turns. They were a lot easier than I expected and I didn’t hit any curbs or other cars.

Saturday was a pretty relaxed day. I can’t even remember what I did really. On Sunday I went to Hythe for a tennis match. I’ve never properly been to the sea in Kent (I’ve been to Dover once for a concert and walked along the Royal Military Canal with Scouts which occasionally goes near the sea) but Hythe was very pretty. It was very windy and cold so we didn’t get out the car on the seafront but we drove along it as it seemed a bit stupid to go all the way there and not see the sea.

I used to be terrified of the sea when I was younger. I would refuse to go on the beach and if my parents did manage to get me to touch the sand (or pebbles depending on the beach) then I would insist we made our base as far away from the sea as possible. I can’t really remember when this changed but it definitely wasn’t until I was seven or eight. I sort of wish that I could remember the first time I saw the sea as I think it would be a pretty cool memory to have. Instead I can look at photos on me on numerous beaches in a carry cot or sleeping in an inflatable boat in a beach hut.

Ok, so I’ve just done my speciality of going off on a complete tangent about something random. Basically I didn’t used to like the sea, and therefore I didn’t like beaches either, but now I love both.IMG_1105.jpgThe Isles of Scilly, September 2015.

I still have work to do on my final assignment so that’s it for this week. I am so nearly at twenty followers which is very exciting – if you want to be number twenty then that would be even more exciting 🙂

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