What I did this week, Y1W38: So many apples

The first thing that happened to me this week was that I had Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding going around my head for days after going to see Bridget Jones’s Baby on Sunday night. The film was so good though and Ed Sheeran was a lot better than I thought he would be. The soundtrack was also amazing, as always, and it was just a must see all around really.

At my cello lesson on Monday evening my cello teacher gave us four figs off her tree which were absolutely divine. Figs are one of my favourite fruits and it’s so hard to get good ones in the UK unless you have your own tree. We plant trees in every house we live in but never live anywhere long enough to appreciate it. Only one of my 14 houses has had an established fig tree in the garden which was wonderful for then summer that we lived there! The Mothership did order some from Riverford but they just aren’t as good as tree ripened ones.IMG_5229.jpg

On Thursday my sister made a marrow cake (our latest attempt to get rid of our marrow crop). It was really good especially after she’d put cream cheese and lime icing on it.IMG_5233.jpg

On Friday I took it upon myself to pick a load of apples.We have  a lot of apple trees in this garden, about four or five cookers and over ten eaters. However, the eaters have really thick skins so they aren’t very nice for just eating so instead I juiced a whole load and bottled it.IMG_5234.jpgIMG_5239.jpg

If anyone knows how to stop homemade apple juice from going brown then please let me know. There are all sorts of rumours about vitamin C but I don’t know if this is true and if it is then when do you add it? Mine goes brown the moment in comes out of the juicer. It still tastes amazing but it just doesn’t look very appetising!

On Sunday I made a Thai green curry. It took me a very long time because I was on Skype with my friend at the same time but it tasted amazing at the end. It wasn’t very spicy because I didn’t have the right number of green chillies to make the paste and I think I under-substituted with red chillies. I have enough paste left to make another one so I might try adding a load more chillies to the next one.IMG_5246.jpgIMG_5236 (1).jpg

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