What I did this week, Y1W27: Summer days

I was very sunny at the beginning of this week –  cue ice cream making and fruit picking. Actually we only picked raspberries as there’s a place you can do it right beside my sisters art class. They weren’t terribly sweet but they’ll be great for having in the freezer over the winter. I completely forgot to take any photos of the actual picking but I did take this one of the view, it’s a lot more beautiful when you can’t hear the roar of the motorway cutting straight down the valley.IMG_4344.jpg

On Wednesday we made ice cream Sundays. I didn’t actually end up eating this one as my driving instructor turned up just as I was about to take the first scoop. My driving was good, only stalled twice trying to move off at the same set of traffic lights – uphill starts are not really my forte.IMG_4349.jpg

I did a lot of flower picking this week. A bunch for the kitchen, a bunch for my cello teacher who’s broken her foot, another bunch for the kitchen after the first ones died overnight…IMG_4354.jpg

Orchestra rehearsals started on Friday evening with about twenty-five of the seventy musicians. By Sunday, a week before the concert, we were up to about thirty-five including two other clarinets which made my job a little easier, especially when my Bb clarinet decided to break half-way though a solo… It was really nice spending time with my friend who’s back from Doha though and we went on a walk to a lake during the break on Saturday.IMG_4364.jpg

On Saturday evening we lay on her trampoline, discussed whether fairies exist and watched the sunset.IMG_4360.jpg

Sorry this was quite a short post but I have to work all this afternoon and I need to get some cello practice and some lunch in before then. Here is a sunflower to finish with (Talulah’s favourite).IMG_4346

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