The Staring Game

Our drive is also quite a popular public footpath and we like to play the staring game. As people walk past they will undoubtably look through the kitchen window at which point they will see me or my siblings staring back at them. It is very funny watching them look away as fast as they can and pretend that they weren’t looking. I don’t mind them looking in at all but they obviously mind us knowing.

Our drive leads to a farmyard and we get very exciting happenings all the time. A couple of weeks ago a grain lorry decided to leave at 4 a.m., thundering past our house. Just this morning a whole entourage of cars came down to turn around, directed by  man with a beard and a walkie talkie. This if definitely one of the better houses we’ve lived in in regards to looking out of the windows.

In house no. 10 we lived in a town but no one very exciting ever went past. We did have a very good view from the front bedroom though and on fireworks night we could watch about five displays at once.

House no. 5 was in Auckland and I remember someone backing into a garage (not ours) outside. While we were living there they also built a stop for the library bus right outside our house which was fantastic. The actually library was pretty amazing too. The reading scheme in the UK was a sour disappointment after New Zealand. When you had read your books and collected your stickers and fridge magnets (which we still have) you got a free trip to the zoo. They also did a great singing session where we learnt all our New Zealand nursery rhymes.

I have gone very off track here but next time someone walks past your house try playing the staring game 🙂

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