What I did this week, Y1W6: Bomb scare

Last Sunday I played a doubles tournament with my friend. We lost our first match which was annoying but we hadn’t played together since last August. We managed to get our mojo back and win our second and third matches though. In the evening I went back to my friend’s house and we watched the rugby.

This week started with a very exciting Monday. First, my brother went to go and feed the dog and noticed that there was a vole in the sitting room. Goodness knows how or when it got in but it definitely thought that under the piano was its’ new home. I’ve never tried to catch a rodent alive before and it is not easy. Luckily for us, I think it had been inside for a while so was a bit less sprightly than normal due to the lack of food under the piano. Here you can see my excellent vole catching skills complete with piano music…IMG_3226 (1)And here is the vole once we had somehow managed to get it into a honey jar.IMG_3227.jpgI haven’t identified it yet but I think it is probably a bank vole.

Later on Monday the mothership and I went into town to go to Waitrose. Luckily it’s at the top of the high street as the rest of it was cordoned off by the police because of a bomb scare in a bank. Our town is probably one of the last places in the UK where you would expect this and no one really believed it. It turned out that a seventy something man had apparently tried to rob the bank and when he was stopped he ran out saying that the bag he’d left behind contained a bomb. It didn’t, of course, but the army did explode it in the street just in case.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful after that. Tuesday was Pancake Day so we had pancakes. We also discovered that the reason lent is a lot longer than forty days is because you don’t count the Sundays – never knew that before.IMG_3233.jpg

On Thursday my sister came home from her tennis squad with bags of chocolate buttons as she had won the bet on who was going to get furthest in the Aussie Open. She said Federer (apparently they weren’t allowed to say Djokovic) and no one had had enough patriotism to say Murray…

Saturday was freezing cold with rain, sleet or snow falling depending on how high we were. Tennis in the UK doesn’t stop for very much though and I played three matches and won all of them 😊 Despite it being so cold the daffodils and crocuses have decided that it’s time to open, it makes me realise how much I miss seeing flowers in the winter.

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