What I did on 16 December 2015

I got up early enough to do some work on my script and some clarinet practice before going into London. While waiting for a tube the lady beside me asked me how tall I was. When I told her she was very happy because I am the same height as Venus Williams so when she is watching tennis on TV she can imagine how tall they all are 🙂

I met my friend (who I know through an orchestra) at Pimlico tube station and we went to the Tate Britain. We were hoping to see the war damaged instruments but it turned out that they were just recordings of them playing which jumped out at you when you weren’t expecting it. I think they might haunt our dreams tonight… Anyway, they did have a very good 500 years of British art thing which had loads of great pictures and some terrifying ones. We went around spotting violins for my friend and cellos for me. We also had fun deciphering what the modern ones were of. One was meant to be a sauna or something but it looked more like showjumping horses…

We walked to the Tate Modern and caught the million escalators to the top to look at the view. The Christmas market outside was not great except for the duck sandwiches. We walked around a bit and went to M&S to get smoothies and mini chocolate swiss rolls (you’ve got to balance it out). W went into Somerset  house to look at the ice skating – very packed and no one was falling over so I wouldn’t want to go as I fall over A LOT. We got the tube to Oxford Circus and then we went around John Lewis for about two hours, furnishing imaginary apartments. Mine was orange, blue and grey. A boho chic Soho number. My friend’s had glass lamps and very soft cushions to fall asleep on.

I had an exciting time finding my fathers’s office. I went the wrong way  lots until I realised that my phone map was on transport rather than walking so it was trying to take me to a bus stop. I found it eventually and had an exciting time listening to a lady getting very annoyed that her parcel hadn’t been picked up while I was waiting for my father to finish his meeting.

We arrived home to risotto for supper followed by hazelnut cake and gingerbread biscuits which my sister baked with her friend today. We watched the second episode of Emma tonight, it is defiantly growing on me. We also had a fire! I think the others did have one yesterday but I was out.

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