Watching moving pictures with sound

We don’t have a TV and we never have but that doesn’t mean we don’t watch a lot of moving pictures with sound. We bought our currant computer (our first one mit DVD drive) in house no. 8 and the first day we had it we sat down to watch our first film on it. We saw Swallows and Amazons which isn’t as good as the books but is still OK. Before that point in order to watch any TV we had to go to our grandparents house which was a varying journey depending on where we were living at the time. My first memory of watching TV was watching gymnastics at my grandparents house at what I think must have been the 2000 Olympics. I was certainly very small because I was standing up and the TV was at eye height and in that house my grandparents had their TV on a very low table. After that I can remember watching purely Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, Pingu and The Wombles. This was all I ever watched because I was terrified of everything else, especially Disney.

For a long time we would watch just family movies (I have seen Cheaper by the Dozen 2 literally hundreds of times but I still love it) and David Attenborough box sets. When we got to about house no. 10 our tastes changed and my sister and I wanted to watch rom coms and chick flicks (whatever the distinction may be) and my brother watched to watch James Bond, Yes Minister and Dad’s Army. We compromised by watching Allo Allo, All Creatures Great and Small, To the Manor Born and The Good Life. This year we watched every single episode of Friends.

I counted just now and we have approximately 130 movies and goodness know how many box set episodes… I tried to take a photo of them to put on here but I can’t get the upload button to work so I may upload one at a later date.

The most recent film I saw was The Holiday two nights ago and my favourite film of all time is Notting Hill.

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