What I did this week, Y1W12: Giselle at the ROH

Note: I know this is really late going up, I have been away for two weeks so hopefully will be back on track soon 🙂

Monday evening was Carcassonne playing evening. I lost. By around 100 points I think. I’m not sure how many points I actually got because I was just playing against the mothership and we score so much that we have to continuously deduct fifty points so that we have enough score cards. This was our final board.IMG_3494.jpg

On Wednesday my sister and I went into London to watch Giselle at the Royal Opera House with my father. It was so amazing and every time we go to see the Royal Ballet we can’t believe we haven’t been to see them more recently. I think I last went a couple of years ago now.IMG_3521.jpgI also enjoy watching the orchestra and I am in love with the smoked salmon sandwiches at the champagne bar which is also great for people watching. Normally we have a spot the Louboutin competition but this time we were to busy wandering why someone had dressed in a 1920s outfit complete with cape and a hat with a feather in it. The person she was with seemed to be wearing his graduation cape…IMG_3514 (1).jpg

The lambs are all starting to be born now which is very cute. Every year we play the game of trying to spot every single letter and number (as in the ones sprayed onto the ewes and their lambs so that the farmer knows which family is which). We’ve never managed to do it!IMG_3535.jpg

On Friday we went to visit my godfather who was on a pit stop in the UK on his way from Vancouver to Cape Town. It was nice to see him and a load of my Dad’s friends from UCT. I left for an orchestra course on Saturday so didn’t manage to get this written in time.

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