What I did this week, Y1W31&32: Coming home

One of the great joys of life is coming home after a long holiday. You are still in a wonderful holiday mindset but home is home and wandering around my house and garden after three weeks away was lovely. However, before I got to do this I was with my family staying in a house my grandparents have recently purchased near their own house in Suffolk. My brother and sister were playing a tennis tournament but I had a great time sleeping for a couple of days then visiting friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen for ten years! Talulah also came to visit and we did some very successful antiques shopping for a room she is furnishing in her church.

I went to the NYO concert in Snape on the Thursday which was brilliant and I got to see my friend who’s in the orchestra which was really nice. The most exciting thing though was that a car backed into the pond.IMG_4751.jpg

We also went to Aldeburgh so I could reaffirm my skill at finding holey stones (I have a post all about this which I’ve been meaning to put up for ages).IMG_4750.jpg

One of my favourite things about the UK is how the countryside changes region on region. Suffolk is very flat with fields of crops as far as the eye can see and wonderful wide skies.IMG_4778 (1).jpg

I came home on the train as there was going to be no room for me in the car. It worked in my favour though as I met up with friends in London and we went pedal boating on the Serpentine which was very fun. We arrived home to more sweet peas than we could ever want,IMG_4802.jpgplus hundreds of enormous marrows which we unsuccessfully tried to give away at the end of the drive. Instead we used them for air rifle target practice (marrows are one of the best things to use, I’m always happy when some get too big for eating).

Most of this week was spent at tennis tournaments and doing a lot of music practice. The weather finally perked up towards the end of the week with was nice as I have been sleeping with two blankets on top of my duvet – not ideal for August. Friday was a very productive day, I mowed our entire lawn which took me forever but it was in dire need of doing and the dog appreciated it. IMG_4838.jpgI sustained only minor injuries – nettle stings, an apple tree branch in the eye and one red ant bite, how do such tiny creatures contain so much poison?


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