What I did on 3 December 2015

So yesterday evening, while watching the first episode of Pride and Prejudice (love, love, love that series), I got my first comment and follower! Actually I followed myself by mistake when I first set up this blog and it would be sad to unfollow myself so I have 2 followers…

Today I got up a lot later that yesterday but still had the same breakfast, supplemented by some rice cake sandwiches. Rice cake sandwiches and cornflakes are the staple diet in this house. I prefer the thin, square rice cakes with butter and thick honey but I will have runny honey and/or round, thick rice cakes if we have run out of the other. Cornflakes I always have with milk and honey (I like honey a lot) and puffed rice if we have any. We generally eat cornflakes after meals if we are still hungry and really always while watching films. Today I ate some before going out to tennis.

I won’t list the usual stuff I did today because it’s the same everyday and if you have read either the 1st or 2nd December you will have got the gist by now… While waiting for lunch to cook (Swedish potatoes, broccoli, butternut squash and lamb) I made some meringues as we had some egg whites in the fringe. I had a moment of Christmas inspiration and made them in the shape of snowmen. I’m not sure how you would know that they were snowmen unless I told you, my sister had a lot of other ideas, but they are.


Apologies for the shadow.

The Swedish potatoes never really cooked (we think they might have been too big) but it got to the point of hunger over slightly raw in the middle potatoes.

This afternoon I watched some clips of The Piano and Notes on a Scandal for my creative writing. I have never seen either film but I have been to the famous beach in New Zealand from The Piano. I can remember that it was massive, spectacular and empty (like most NZ beaches). Also you weren’t allowed to take anything off it (shells, pebbles, etc.). The clips I saw today didn’t have that beach in them though.

While my brother and sister’s squad was going on this evening my mother and I went and failed to buy glue sticks ‘oh no, we don’t sell cool melt ones any more’ and succeeded in buying a sauce pan, two miniature trays and lots of decorations for the gingerbread house we are making next week. We made out first gingerbread house several years ago and it has now become a tradition to make at least one, normally two, each Christmas. This year we have bribed my friend to help us make Christmas cards by agreeing to make a gingerbread house with her.


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