Top 10 Holidays

I think that everyone has their ideal holiday. My sister wants to go shopping in New York. The mothership will go to any island  that doesn’t involve an airplane. My father likes hot weather, preferably in South Africa and my brother loves skiing and walking holidays.

There are a lot of places I would like to go on holiday. Some of them are places I have been before but out of the places I haven’t been I would like to go to the USA. I’m not that interested in going to NY or LA, where I really want to go is to rural New England or Colorado just to see the scenery and space. Coming from the UK, we never really see that much space without a city or the sea in the way. I really want to see what it feels like to be able to know that you could go for a thousand miles in one direction and not hit the sea!

My top 10 holidays I have ever been on:

  1. Edale. From the day I was born until I was ten we would go to Edale in the Peak District every year. It was always in the late summer or autumn and we would stay in a family house with my South African grandparents (my grandfathers mother was bought up there). We would go on walks, dam streams, go on exciting adventures without any grown ups, have AA Milne inspired expeditions to the North Pole, cook on the Aga with my grandmother, sneak downstairs after we’d been sent to bed on daring missions to the pantry and everything that make a perfect holiday. Lots of our friends would come and stay, most of them were as sad as we were when the family moved back in. I have so many memories from that house and the surrounding mountains that it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.0275--DSCF0880.jpg
  2. New Zealand. Before we moved to New Zealand we went on holiday there and while we were living there we went on holiday to South Island, Rotorua and Great Barrier Island. New Zealand is amazing, a place where you can play the recorder on the ferry and no one looks at you strangely. Or maybe they did and we just didn’t notice! I don’t think you’ve experienced the world until you have run across a completely empty New Zealand beach… and been bitten to death by sandflies.
  3. Cornwall. Our tennis club sends coaches down to tournament in Cornwall every year. We’ve been a couple of times and the combination of lots of people from our club going so it is very social and the really nice beaches makes the five hours sitting in a queue to get there worth it. We have also been on some other holidays in Cornwall, some successful, like the time we went with some friends and thought we were going to Devon but it actually was Cornwall, and some not so successful, like the time we were all ill and it rained the whole time.DSCF5465
  4. Lake District. I’ve been to the Lake District twice, once for my grandparents wedding anniversary when I was eleven and then again two years ago. It is pretty much the same as the Peak District except with lakes and streams to swim in and we don’t get to stay in a massive family house.DSCF6566.jpg
  5. Suffolk. We have lived and had holiday houses in Suffolk a lot in the past but at the moment we only have grandparents who live there. I have so many happy memories of Southwold, Aldeburgh, Walberswick, Thorpeness and all the surrounding area. Sailing to choir rehearsals , huddling in the dunes on Southwold beach to avoid the blowing sand from stinging your face, cycling around Walberswick watching snakes cross the path in front of you, rowing as fast as you can away from the swans or Thorpness meare, getting disapproving stares from tourists while climbing on the shell on Aldeburgh beach, recruiting fearless friend to come crabbing with you they can be in charge of all the touching, running straight out of you beach hut into the sea, there are so many memories and every time we go back we make more.
  6. South Africa. I like South Africa. I like the weather and seeing family and friends. I like the beaches, the food and the lifestyle. It’s just hard coming from the UK and how unsafe I feel. You can’t really walk anywhere and I really notice the poverty gap.DSCF5023.jpgWe were so proud when a random man walking along Paternoster beach stopped to take a photo of this.
  7. Devon. We went on a really short trip to Mothecombe near Plymouth at the end of my fathers gardening leave in 2014. We stayed overlooking a massively tidal estuary which was so cool and it was just really nice holiday.DSCF6059.jpg
  8. Europe. I know this’s a very general category but I have been to Barcelona, Paris, Rome and more rural areas of France and Italy. It was all quite a while ago so I will write what I can remember. I liked Barcelona, we stayed with some friends, ate seafood and watched The Sound of Music. Rome was quite stressful but the colosseum was fun. Paris was good. Nice food and shops and parks to wander around, pretty similar to London. My grandparents had a house in Italy which they have just sold so I have been there a couple of times. The only time I remember my sister split her chin open on the train on the way there and it rained the whole time. We went to rural France a long time ago and it there was a nice local pool and river to swim in but there were lots of ticks.
  9. Scotland. We have been to Scotland a lot and apart from ending up in a hotel next to Glasgow airport waiting fro my father to fly up from london in the middle of a massive storm and staying in a very haunted midge ridden house in the middle of nowhere we have had some good times. My father has lots of relations we go and visit and the mothership always drags us off to an island.DSCF6652.jpgThe house we stayed in on the most recent Scottish island.
  10. Skiing. I have been skiing in Sweden, Austria and France and it is always a mixed experience. I enjoyed the first time we went the best. We went to Sweden when I was nine and my brother was seven and we left my sister with my grandparents. We stayed in a self catering apartment and all we ate was waffles and Mexican food which I loved. Since then we have had holidays where the food was awful or we were ill or it has rained rather than snowed. It’s also hard when you only go for one week a year to actually every get any good and different people in my family are different levels of aptitude and confidence.

There are other holidays that I have been on but are not listed here either because they were worse than skiing in the rain with a family who are starving (because the chalet staff can’t cook and think the you use a wok to boil eggs), ill, cold and in a grump because they want to go down harder/easier/more runs. Or because I was too young to properly remember them.

If any of you live or have been to the parts of the US I mentioned let me know if it is worth a visit and if not where should I go instead?

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