What I did on 23 December 2015

This morning I had a fried egg and some rice cake sandwiches for breakfast then we went to play tennis. It was really sunny which was nice. I came up with all the drills and my brother kept complaining about how boring they were and moaning about how mush he disliked them. So, for the last one I told him to invent one that he thought I would dislike. He made up a serve, drop shot, volley combination which we started doing but then he decided that that one was really dull as well so we left.

The mothership took my brother to a tournament while my sister and I sorted out the house a bit for my grandparents. I hoovered and tidied while my sister took the dog for a walk and made the cake. I then helped my sister with the cake a bit and lit the fire. I also hung some fairy lights in my bedroom. I did a really nice four strand halo braid on my sister with three different ribbons as we didn’t have one long enough… You can see all three different ribbons in this photo.IMG_2652

My grandparents arrived at about two, just as my sister and I remembered to eat lunch. We had noodles with soya sauce and almond butter for lunch while my grandparents fussed over the broken table from their house in Italy which they have just sold.

After lunch my sister and I decorated the hazelnut cake. We put normal butter icing on and then went to town on lattice work and rosettes with some chocolate icing left over from my sister’s traybake.IMG_2655

I worked on the commentary for my script, planning out my quotes (lots of quotes equal lots of points). Then my brother and the mothership got back from his tennis tournament (he won two out of three) and we ate cake and played Rummykub. I won the first round which was against my brother, my sister and the combined forces of my grandparents. The second round the mothership won against me, my brother and my sister. We then filled up the time before supper by playing psychiatrist with our grandparents which was hilarious.

For supper we had sausages, mashed potato, carrots and broccoli. My grandparents are so forgetful that we play the same games with them several time a year and it’s just as amusing. One of them is what all our middles names are which they always forget. Also, today they have been trying to remember what my sister want to be when she grows up. They have been told about a gazillion times butt they can’t remember, I won’t tell you what it is because they read this blog.

Right now my brother is baffling my grandparents with his latest card tricks while they are pondering over the question of my sister’s future. I have also done my present wrapping today except for the mothership, I have no idea what to get/make her.

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