My notebooks

I have a lot of notebooks. I did a clear out of my stuff earlier this week and found some that I didn’t even know I had. This probably happens too lots of people with things, clothes, food, make-up, pet stones (don’t think I ever had one of these although I did find some random stones whilst clearing out that seemed to have been very carefully saved…) but for me it happens with notebooks.

These are the notebooks which I decided I didn’t need to keep. They are all very small. I don’t really like small note books that much as I like to have room to write a lot on each page.IMG_3368.jpgYes, I did have two of the same notebook but only because they came free with my membership of Puffin Post. I don’t think I used more than one notebook worth of pages in all of these combined.

I only have one notebook which is full. I’m not even certain it is full. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t bought more though. I mean, you can’t start writing guitar chords in a notebook which has your birthday list from five years ago in it can you?

My two most used notebooks at the moment are both from Paperchase (surprise surprise, don’t they do the nicest stationary and photo frames and everything!). This one is my writing notebook for doing all my creative writing exercises in and desperately trying to come up with ideas for TMAs. I bought it specifically for this job, I wanted a spiral bound one with ruled pages and a hard cover as I find this best for writing in while out and about. I have some very good accounts of conversations overheard on the train. The town I live in is fairly small so you don’t normally have to wait that long before they start talking about someone you know.IMG_3371.jpg

This one is my attempt at keeping a diary. After lots of different one month long daily rambles I came up with this system which I call The Scrapbook of My Life. (I’ve just found out that the YouTuber Alfie Deyes has named his latest book that though so I might have to change it.) I’ve managed to keep it up for about two years now which I’m quite proud of. I basically have a page per month where I write down important/exciting things which have happened that month. I also stick in tickets and mementoes from things I’ve done and write accounts of trips, holidays, events, etc. At the end of the year I have a page to record the year with words/ phrases that have been big for me or the world that year. I actually really love doing it and looking back on it is so fun because I only bother to record significant things. I got this notebook for my birthday a couple of years ago and it’ the exact opposite of my writing notebook. The pages are blank and the cover is made from felt which means it can expand indefinitely. This is a good thing as by the time I’ve finished with it I expect it will be about a foot thick from all the stuff stuck into it.IMG_3377.jpg

My favourite thing about notebooks (other that the fact I find them much easier to write in than the notes on my phone) is looking back through them. I used to write out amazingly complicated schedules for riding stables and ballet classes. I also used to write out forms and then fill them in myself… Seeing your old handwriting and spelling is a bit like stepping back in time and quite often I can remember exactly when I wrote particular pages. I have a spy journal, that I forgot to put in the photo, which has some wonderful accounts of sneaking downstairs to steal food after bedtime and spying on the next-door neighbour and his girlfriend. The latter ended with him jumping around the corner and shouting ‘boo’. I’m not sure we were as good at spying as we liked to think we were.

We were incredibly good at stealing food from the kitchen though. I remember in the family holiday house in the Peak District where we used to go every year my brother and I were sharing a room and would dare each other to go down to the pantry to get food. There were two staircases and we would take the main one on the way down as it didn’t creek but this meant we had to get past the dining room where the adults would be eating. Sometimes you had to hide behind the curtain on the middle landing of the stairs as well but none the people who used to come to that house when we were there who I have told about our antics have ever said they knew. We also used to set up a shop in the sitting room and sell food to our grandparents. I don’t think it ever occurred to us that they were the ones who had bought it in the first place.

OK, this post has gone completely off course, I need to go eat lunch. Byeee!


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