What I did this week, Y1W51: Christmas!!

The beginning of the week was spent rehearsing and performing with my local youth orchestra. It’s always a mixture of enjoyable and frustrating. The whole orchestra could be so good if everyone turned up to all the rehearsals. I can see the conductor getting frustrated having to repeat himself constantly and the people who do come to every rehearsal get so bored listening to the same instructions time after time.The concert went pretty well though.IMG_5708.jpg

As soon as that was over it was head first into Christmas! My Grandparents came down from Suffolk. Actually, they came via Oxford and Winchester but they live in Suffolk. The Mothership organised an array of games including a Christmas Eve Lego competition which my father won with this sleigh.IMG_5717.jpgMy brother’s end of year gluten splurge kick started with this Challah – one of my favourite breads ever.IMG_5721.jpg

Christmas Day was good. Lots of traditions – homemade croissants for breakfast, table tennis competitions, music performances and food, food and more food.IMG_5724.jpgIMG_5730.jpg

My favourite present was from my brother and sister and it was this Playmobil musical instrument set. The piano has keys that you can press and plays two tunes but due to the lack of AAA batteries in our house I still don’t know what they are!IMG_5748.jpg

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